Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Vintage Travel Poster

For this project, we had to create a vintage travel poster. These posters are mostly from the 40s, 50s, and 60s around the time when travel just started to become popular. Most people at the time had not been far from home or know a lot about other places so these posters were made to sell a place for people to go visit. These posters are mostly graphics and illustrations, not photographs. I chose Iceland as my poster. To plan for it I researched Images of Iceland that I could image trace in Illustrator to create my poster. First thing that came to mind was the northern lights so I knew I was going to incorporate that into it. Then I found some images of mountains, a waterfall, a whale, some buildings, and a boat. I used Image trace for these then messed around with them to change them up a bit to match my posters color scheme. I also changed the opacity of the northern lights to be more washed out and like a background. I then searched through dafonts.com to find a perfect vintage font to write "visit Iceland. I mostly used Illustrator for this project but did bring some images into photoshop to crop and change colors before I image traced them. I was pretty happy with how my poster came out. I really like the colors I used and I think it represents the country well. I could have used some more images of the famous hot springs or the ice filled beaches. When I was working I was debating whether or not to add these images but I decided against it because I thought it might be too busy. Although now I regret that decision because I feel as though the bottom half of the poster has too much empty space. I also think I could have spent some more time working on the waterfall to look more realistic. The original image had rocks in it but I took them out because it looked odd with rocks floating in the sky. I could have used the pen tool to change the shape of the waterfall to make it a little more thick and believable. I also think I could have added some texture to the bottom part of the poster where the water is. I used the yellow lines to show that it was water, but it could have used even more of a texture illusion. Besides these few things I am very happy with how my vintage travel poster came out and I think it represents Iceland well.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Card Project

For this card project, we first were told to research a graphic designer for inspiration. Then with similar style to the graphic designer, we had to create two greetings cards. With a front and back and inside file for each card at a size of 5 by 7 inches. The cards must be suitable for printing since we will be printing them. The graphic designer I chose was Paula Scher. Her style caught my eye because of the bold words and her use of maps. I tried to replicate her style in my travel card. To plan, I created sketches on paper to get an idea of what I wanted to do. After the sketches then I chose my best two and brought them into illustrator. I came up with more ideas as I was creating my cards in photoshop which is why that are not exactly what I was sketching. The image of the world I found online was basically my basis for my card and then I went from there with the same color scheme. I found the ruler in photoshop very helpful make sure my text was aligned on the card. I also found it helpful to group a lot of my text that I was writing for the card so it was easy to copy and paste it to fill the whole card. I thought this first card was successful and I think I used the inspiration from Paula well. The second card I made I did not design with Paula's style in mind. I thought of this funny pun "You have a Pizza My Heart" then used it and created my design around it. I wanted to create my own slice of pizza out of hearts so I used illustrator instead of photoshop. I just created heart shapes in the colors of pizza and made a triangle out of them. After I filled in the front of my card with the pizza and quote I was a little lost of what to fill the rest of the card with. So, I decided to use the hearts from the pizza I created and use them to fill up the back of the card. I did this same thing for the inside left of the card. I don't think this card was as successful as the first one. Something I think I might have done different was use different colors. I think I would maybe stick with not as bright of a color for the whole card next time. I think white would have worked well, or another neutral color.

Monday, March 9, 2015

For this project I went into it knowing I wanted to do some type of camera theme. So I started off by doing some sketches of some themes that I thought would work nice. Then I did some planning on the computer before I went to illustrator to start the calendar. I researched some inspiration images and color inspiration. I also created a word document with all the birthdays and holidays. I did a total of 12 birthdays and 2 holidays per month. I decided to go with the theme of polaroid photos with a calendar on top of it. I found polaroid photos that would correspond with each month and also chose a color for each. I used the same white rectangle for each month then just placed the photo and calendar on top of each one. Then I went through and changed all the numbers to correspond with the right day of the week. I used the pencil tool to create a handwriting look at the bottom of each polaroid. So I wrote the month and year all in the same handwriting style so it flowed throughout the calendar. Then to finish off I used the alignment tools to make sure that everything was aligned and in the right place. I did make a mistake by not checking all my months before printing and ending up having to reprint 2 months. I was fixing the alignment right before I went to print and it messed up some of the months and I did not see this. I learned that I should always check my work multiple times before going to print. Something I would have done different is maybe add something to the top and bottom of the calendar like a notes section. Otherwise I am happen how my calendar came out.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Illustration & Photo Overlay

For this project I started off by creating sketches of my illustration on photos. I looked for photos that I could use as the base of my design. I was looking through websites and google images for photos but then decided I should just use my own photos. Using my own photos I think made it more unique and something most people haven't seen since it is not right off google images. After I selected my images I started to draw little sketches on them that would fit with the photo. Once I made the ten sketches, I picked my four favorites and started to bring them into illustrator. I started off with the photo of the girl in the board shaping room. Her user name on all of social media is "smashdpotato", so I thought it would be funny and creative to have flying potatoes everywhere. I drew one potato using the pen tool then copied and pasted it a bunch of times and resized them to put them all over the image. I thought this deign came out pretty good because it explains the girl and her humor. The next one I did was the photo of the boy in the desert with the camel. I decided to draw a camel in this photo because when I visited that desert in California, we kept joking about the chance of a camel to walk by. So I thought a camel in this photo was pretty fitting. The next one I did is the photo of the girl surfer in the cave. When I saw that, the photo was partially under water I immediately thought spongebob. So again I used the pen tool to create jellyfish and a little spongebob to make it look like bikini bottom was under her in the water. Lastly, I used a photo of mine of a guy surfing. My original idea was to have another animated guy surfing in it, but then I remembered about the movie "Surfs Up" and decided to use the penguin from it. I spent the most time out of all the images on this one because drawing the penguin in illustrator was pretty complicated. One thing I would've changed about that one was probably to not use the pen tool for such a complicated picture, but instead image trace it. Overall I am happy with my deigns and thought they came out pretty funky.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

To create my onomatopoeia I planned out sketches on paper before even going into illustrator. I looked up some inspiration online for words to use. I found words that I could visually make them look how they sound. I created 10 sketches and then narrowed it down to my favorite 5 and outlined those in sharpie. My favorite one is "splash" which is the one I spent the most time on. I chose this one because I knew it could use an effect to make the text look like water that just splashed. I found the splash typeface online which I started off my design with. I also spent the most time on this one tediously working to make it look like water the best I could. I used the warp tool to turn circle shapes into more realistic shaped water drops. Then I added shadows to each of the drops to give it a reflection effect to look more like water. I also liked the word "buzz" and my idea to make each letter into a little bubble bee. I just used the pen and pencil tool to create the wings and antennas.  I think I could have elaborated each letter a little more with more details to look more like a bee. If I were to do this project again I would definitely not have spent so much time on my first word. I spent way too much time creating "splash" that I was not able to execute the other ones well. Both "strike" and "splat" I could have made much more detailed if I spent more time on them. I think the idea of them was good but I just should have worked a bit more to make them complete. I learned from this project to manage my time better in the designs I'm creating and not focus too much on one thing. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Favorite First Marking Period Project

For the first project this marking period, I was asked to create a text based party invitation. I chose to create my invitation using Adobe Illustrator. This program was a better choice I believe for this project over photoshop or other similar programs because it is a text based program. Illustrator works in vectors which makes creating a text based piece easier instead of pixels like those other programs. Before I even went onto the computer to create my invitation, I planned the invite by making hand drawn sketches. I tried to draw different variations of the invite to see what would look best. After I created a sketch that I liked, I opened Illustrator and got to work. I started off with the simple text in the middle about the date, time, place, and RSVP. Then I used the word s'more almost visually defined. The "O" in "S'MORE" is the actual marshmallow part of the treat and the rest of the word is the chocolate and golden part of the marshmallow. The brown rectangles on top and bottom with party inside represent the graham crackers. I made this decision to define the word like these because I thought it was creative and more interesting then just putting in a boring picture of a s'more somewhere on my invite.  I also decided to make the text on the information of the party in different typefaces and fonts so that it is more elaborate and catches the viewers attention. From this project I learned that it is not easy to create something just using text. I realized how much I rely on photos for most of my work, but text can be just as interesting. I was able to use only text to create an image almost, when in the past I would always reply on photos. This project is not perfect though and there are some things I would change if I were to do it again. I would have used less dull colors, made the rectangles look more like graham crackers, and made the "O" look more like a marshmallow then just two parentheses. Overall, I believe I was successful in creating an invitation that followed the rules for the project and making it text based instead of image based.