Tuesday, December 2, 2014

To create my onomatopoeia I planned out sketches on paper before even going into illustrator. I looked up some inspiration online for words to use. I found words that I could visually make them look how they sound. I created 10 sketches and then narrowed it down to my favorite 5 and outlined those in sharpie. My favorite one is "splash" which is the one I spent the most time on. I chose this one because I knew it could use an effect to make the text look like water that just splashed. I found the splash typeface online which I started off my design with. I also spent the most time on this one tediously working to make it look like water the best I could. I used the warp tool to turn circle shapes into more realistic shaped water drops. Then I added shadows to each of the drops to give it a reflection effect to look more like water. I also liked the word "buzz" and my idea to make each letter into a little bubble bee. I just used the pen and pencil tool to create the wings and antennas.  I think I could have elaborated each letter a little more with more details to look more like a bee. If I were to do this project again I would definitely not have spent so much time on my first word. I spent way too much time creating "splash" that I was not able to execute the other ones well. Both "strike" and "splat" I could have made much more detailed if I spent more time on them. I think the idea of them was good but I just should have worked a bit more to make them complete. I learned from this project to manage my time better in the designs I'm creating and not focus too much on one thing.