Monday, January 5, 2015

Illustration & Photo Overlay

For this project I started off by creating sketches of my illustration on photos. I looked for photos that I could use as the base of my design. I was looking through websites and google images for photos but then decided I should just use my own photos. Using my own photos I think made it more unique and something most people haven't seen since it is not right off google images. After I selected my images I started to draw little sketches on them that would fit with the photo. Once I made the ten sketches, I picked my four favorites and started to bring them into illustrator. I started off with the photo of the girl in the board shaping room. Her user name on all of social media is "smashdpotato", so I thought it would be funny and creative to have flying potatoes everywhere. I drew one potato using the pen tool then copied and pasted it a bunch of times and resized them to put them all over the image. I thought this deign came out pretty good because it explains the girl and her humor. The next one I did was the photo of the boy in the desert with the camel. I decided to draw a camel in this photo because when I visited that desert in California, we kept joking about the chance of a camel to walk by. So I thought a camel in this photo was pretty fitting. The next one I did is the photo of the girl surfer in the cave. When I saw that, the photo was partially under water I immediately thought spongebob. So again I used the pen tool to create jellyfish and a little spongebob to make it look like bikini bottom was under her in the water. Lastly, I used a photo of mine of a guy surfing. My original idea was to have another animated guy surfing in it, but then I remembered about the movie "Surfs Up" and decided to use the penguin from it. I spent the most time out of all the images on this one because drawing the penguin in illustrator was pretty complicated. One thing I would've changed about that one was probably to not use the pen tool for such a complicated picture, but instead image trace it. Overall I am happy with my deigns and thought they came out pretty funky.

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