Monday, March 9, 2015

For this project I went into it knowing I wanted to do some type of camera theme. So I started off by doing some sketches of some themes that I thought would work nice. Then I did some planning on the computer before I went to illustrator to start the calendar. I researched some inspiration images and color inspiration. I also created a word document with all the birthdays and holidays. I did a total of 12 birthdays and 2 holidays per month. I decided to go with the theme of polaroid photos with a calendar on top of it. I found polaroid photos that would correspond with each month and also chose a color for each. I used the same white rectangle for each month then just placed the photo and calendar on top of each one. Then I went through and changed all the numbers to correspond with the right day of the week. I used the pencil tool to create a handwriting look at the bottom of each polaroid. So I wrote the month and year all in the same handwriting style so it flowed throughout the calendar. Then to finish off I used the alignment tools to make sure that everything was aligned and in the right place. I did make a mistake by not checking all my months before printing and ending up having to reprint 2 months. I was fixing the alignment right before I went to print and it messed up some of the months and I did not see this. I learned that I should always check my work multiple times before going to print. Something I would have done different is maybe add something to the top and bottom of the calendar like a notes section. Otherwise I am happen how my calendar came out.

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