Friday, April 24, 2015

Card Project

For this card project, we first were told to research a graphic designer for inspiration. Then with similar style to the graphic designer, we had to create two greetings cards. With a front and back and inside file for each card at a size of 5 by 7 inches. The cards must be suitable for printing since we will be printing them. The graphic designer I chose was Paula Scher. Her style caught my eye because of the bold words and her use of maps. I tried to replicate her style in my travel card. To plan, I created sketches on paper to get an idea of what I wanted to do. After the sketches then I chose my best two and brought them into illustrator. I came up with more ideas as I was creating my cards in photoshop which is why that are not exactly what I was sketching. The image of the world I found online was basically my basis for my card and then I went from there with the same color scheme. I found the ruler in photoshop very helpful make sure my text was aligned on the card. I also found it helpful to group a lot of my text that I was writing for the card so it was easy to copy and paste it to fill the whole card. I thought this first card was successful and I think I used the inspiration from Paula well. The second card I made I did not design with Paula's style in mind. I thought of this funny pun "You have a Pizza My Heart" then used it and created my design around it. I wanted to create my own slice of pizza out of hearts so I used illustrator instead of photoshop. I just created heart shapes in the colors of pizza and made a triangle out of them. After I filled in the front of my card with the pizza and quote I was a little lost of what to fill the rest of the card with. So, I decided to use the hearts from the pizza I created and use them to fill up the back of the card. I did this same thing for the inside left of the card. I don't think this card was as successful as the first one. Something I think I might have done different was use different colors. I think I would maybe stick with not as bright of a color for the whole card next time. I think white would have worked well, or another neutral color.

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