Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Vintage Travel Poster

For this project, we had to create a vintage travel poster. These posters are mostly from the 40s, 50s, and 60s around the time when travel just started to become popular. Most people at the time had not been far from home or know a lot about other places so these posters were made to sell a place for people to go visit. These posters are mostly graphics and illustrations, not photographs. I chose Iceland as my poster. To plan for it I researched Images of Iceland that I could image trace in Illustrator to create my poster. First thing that came to mind was the northern lights so I knew I was going to incorporate that into it. Then I found some images of mountains, a waterfall, a whale, some buildings, and a boat. I used Image trace for these then messed around with them to change them up a bit to match my posters color scheme. I also changed the opacity of the northern lights to be more washed out and like a background. I then searched through dafonts.com to find a perfect vintage font to write "visit Iceland. I mostly used Illustrator for this project but did bring some images into photoshop to crop and change colors before I image traced them. I was pretty happy with how my poster came out. I really like the colors I used and I think it represents the country well. I could have used some more images of the famous hot springs or the ice filled beaches. When I was working I was debating whether or not to add these images but I decided against it because I thought it might be too busy. Although now I regret that decision because I feel as though the bottom half of the poster has too much empty space. I also think I could have spent some more time working on the waterfall to look more realistic. The original image had rocks in it but I took them out because it looked odd with rocks floating in the sky. I could have used the pen tool to change the shape of the waterfall to make it a little more thick and believable. I also think I could have added some texture to the bottom part of the poster where the water is. I used the yellow lines to show that it was water, but it could have used even more of a texture illusion. Besides these few things I am very happy with how my vintage travel poster came out and I think it represents Iceland well.